Merlin introduceert lead programma voor NBWM

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De snelst groeiende valuta experts voor het Nederlandse midden- en kleinbedrijf NBWM, hebben Merlin gecontracteerd om een geautomatiseerd lead management programma te implementeren. De snelle groei die het bedrijf op Beursplein 5 te Amsterdam momenteel doormaakt, noodzaakt het bedrijf om ook het digitale platform voor prospects naar een hoger nivo te tillen. Door middel van slimme lead nurturing flows in Marketo worden prospects die op de website komen meegenomen naar de juiste propositie. Hierdoor kan de sales afdeling gekwalificeerde leads beter interpreteren en converteren. Merlin heeft voor dit project een team samengesteld met kennis van marketing automation, campagne management en integraties tussen verschillende systemen.

Visitors Digital Round Table learn about Realtime marketing


Friday 5th June Merlin hosted its first Digital Round Table with a selected group of marketers and speakers Mark Appel (Exact) and Jamie Tharp (Bronto). People where invited directly or via the social platform Meetup. Both speakers spurred interesting discussions on how to transform from a traditional marketing organisation to a technology and fact driven marketing organisation.

Mark Appel shared how he started four years ago with setting a series of ground rules for inbound lead management and digital marketing. Clear guidelines on what is a marketing (MQL) and what is a sales (SQL) qualified lead. Where his accountability starts and where it stops. Once the internal organisation was aligned he moved on with implementing marketing automation (Oracle Eloqua) and defining buyers personas and journeys. Along the way he built his department with content marketers to address the needs of key personas in all digital touch-points. To manage the internal organisation and make it scalable for roll-out in other markets, Mark and his team developed a “Marketing Playbook” in which all possible content types per touchpoint where defined. His approach has been successful and cloud solutions are now one of the fastest growing areas of the business. A text-book example of how you should transform from traditional to digital marketing.

After lunch Jamie Tharp shared key learnings on how to improve conversion in a commerce environment. Specifically, she addressed the three most successful campaigns the Bronto platform can launch in a few simple steps. The first is the welcome series. The second is the abandon cart series and the third is the post-purchase series of email messages. Going through a series of cases she demonstrated that each of these series significantly increases conversion rates on the commerce platform, like Magento or Demandware. She also opened the Bronto platform, recently acquired by commerce giant Netsuite, to demonstrate the ease-of-use via a drag-and-drop canvas interface.

In conclusion, a wonderful warm day with 30 degrees Celsius plus and two speakers that inspired the crowd. Watch out for new Digital Round Table meetups. Hope to see you there.

You can watch a short video at Vimeo.