The story behind our logo

logo_kleur_150pxMultiplying the three colours purple, cyan and green gives a very nice petrol blue. But this was not the reason why we choose to multiply three colours in our logo. In everything we do we believe that we have to combine and feel urgency to find a symbiosis between creativity, IT and marketing automation. Merlin operates in the merge of these competences. This reflects in our new logo.

Merlin Creatives: a new type of digital agency

cabalerofabriekHello world Merlin Creatives is here! Let’s start with our first #merlinfact. We design cross-channel communication strategies and campaigns.

Digital natives Mark Stadhouders and Albert Hartwig are joining forces and launch a new digital agency. Both partners have been working for international A-brands and will be using their experience in digital consumer behavior, customer experience design and smart profiling to deliver stronger cross-channel brand engagement.

The aim of engagement marketing is to create meaningful and relevant interactions with consumers. It has become crucial at every touch-point in the experience lifecycle. As digital consumer behavior is changing rapidly, brands need to start thinking digital-first and invest in a unified cross-channel customer experience. The gains are profound with an estimated 75% lift in engagement; in turn resulting in an increase in traffic (52%), increase in lead generation and sales (50%), and optimized conversion (46%), according to a 2014 study by the Altimeter Group.

Mark Stadhouders, co-founder and Strategy Director: “Rapid changes in consumer behavior are fueling digital transformations for many brands. We are in an age of Digital Darwinism. It is adapt or die. Merlin Creatives understands this by connecting channels and building new insights from data analysis so brands can engage in meaningful conversations with consumers at the right time, through the right channel(s), with the right message and grow lifetime value as a result.”

Albert Hartwig, co-founder and Creative Director: “We develop cross-channel communications. With a growing disconnect between brands and consumers, accelerating innovations in the digital channels, and an explosion of touch-points, we incorporated a different type of agency. Having worked at client and agency side for many years, we noticed that agencies traditionally focus on (optimizing) single channels, like e-mail, commerce, social, and search. But with a growing digital maturity, consumers expect a single brand experience. The inception of Merlin Creatives was founded on the knowledge that personalized digital communications across channels will increase customer satisfaction, grow stronger brand engagement and build lifetime value.”

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