Digital Round Table with Mark Appel

Realtime marketing is here


Experts explain how you can deploy it now

Merlin Creatives is hosting its quarterly Round Table for a select group of digital leaders. You are invited to join this event and learn first hand how you can improve your conversion rates and engagement through inspiring cases and market insights.

Thursday April 30th, 11:00 to 14:00 with lunch
Caballero Fabriek, Saturnusstraat 60, The Hague


Mark Appel, Director at
Mark will speak and host a group discussion that will trigger you how to build a relevant brand experience at every touchpoint and lift engagement by building an eco-system for realtime marketing.


Jamie Tharp, Expert at
Jamie will talk about Bronto’s e-mail retargeting platform that integrates seamlessly with e-commerce and CMS suites and offers shopping cart abandonment and post-purchase campaigning.